Why is it that this function does not display a date in Google Spreadsheets?


I am trying to display the date that is 6 months from today. Instead, the cell only shows a value like this: 41,797.

It seems that I cannot embed the function call to today() inside of the edate function. If I run the today() function and store it in one cell, and then reference the cell from the edate() function, ONLY THEN does it work.

Are you not allowed to nest function calls in Google Spreadsheets?


What you're doing it correct, only the format is wrong. There are two ways to resolve that problem:

  1. Select the cell or range and goto the menu and select Format, followed by Number. In the date section you can choose the appropriate date format.
  2. Use the following formula: =DATEVALUE(EDATE(TODAY(),6))

    This will convert the integer (41,797) into a date notation. See screenshot: enter image description here

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