In Google Drive, is there a way to list only those files which have been Shared with Me, but which I have not Moved to My Drive ? I would like to be able to easily distinguish those files so that I can file them into My Drive.

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The search

is:unorganized -owner:me

appears to do this. Here, is:unorganized find the files that do not have a parent folder, and -owner:me excludes those you own.


The only way I found is to enter the "Shared with me" folder and change the view mode to "List view".

The icon looks like this: List view icon

Then, in the very right column you have the name of the My Drive folder or just empty space if it is not present in My Drive. I didn't find a way how to really filter them, so this does not answer your question precisely.

One note more: Sometimes, I had to refresh the whole page to reflect the changes. Maybe a bug.

  • I don't see this column with folder names, did the interface change since you posted this?
    – user135384
    Commented Dec 17, 2016 at 21:48
  • I do not see such a column with parent folder names. Instead, I see (after selecting a particular file) two things: 1) an icon in the Google Drive "toolbar" area top right portion of the screen: if the file is already in My Drive, the icon is a "folder with arrow" (indicating "Move" operation"); if the file is not yet in My Drive, the icon is "folder with plus" (indicating "Add to My Drive" operation. 2) In the "Info / Details pane on right side of screen, the location field will show if the file is already in My Drive, else the location field will not show. Either way, not a simple list.
    – MitchN
    Commented Dec 21, 2016 at 19:52

I think what you want is the "folder" shown in red in the image (in my case, empty).

WA52998 example

For details of what you won't find in there.

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