When you find a walking route on Google Maps, can you tell whether it is climbing up or going down?

  • Is there anyway to enable topographic/contour lines? These will give indications of elevations around the walking route. Not sure if there will be though, because the variance at such a small scale map/view will be extremely small. – Nick Dec 10 '13 at 16:50

A google search of "Google maps elevation" brings you to

Google Maps Find Altitude


Google Maps elevation for a route

Then you can compare the altitude of the point of a route.

For developers, these websites basically use The Google Elevation API or Google Maps Javascript API V3 Reference: google.maps.ElevationService class.

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Another option (which might not work everywhere in the World) is to click on the pedestrian icon:

Walk elevation

The above shows that from North Downs Way at 161 ft it is 466 feet uphill to 627 ft at Zig Zag Road.

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  • This is a feature which was added in the last year or so (so much later than when the question was asked). It works for walking and biking routes. – ale Sep 27 '17 at 13:02

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