I imported some Thunderbird events into Google Calendar and, without my permission, it e-mails all the guests of the event. I now want to delete the event from Google Calendar, but I do not want it to re-send all those e-mails like it did last time. Can I delete the event? Or if I remove all the guests and then delete the event, will it still send the e-mails?

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When you remove or otherwise change guests on an event, then save it, you should be prompted whether or not guests should receive a notification. Something similar to:

confirmation dialog

Simply click "Don't send" and none of the people you removed will get notifications. It should just be silently removed from their calendar.

There is a similar confirmation when you delete an event.

  • Thank you! I was too scared to even try saving it. I just removed it from my calendar. Dec 10, 2013 at 23:35

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