All I want is that my clients be able to put an "x" in the tasks they want performed. Each has an associated cost, which I would like to sum in Q4 (I will be dragging the formula down through subsequent cells).


I know I will have to include "SUM" in the formula, but I cannot even get it to accept a second number added to the first:

=IF(G4 = "x", ".25"; H4 = "x" ".75"+G4)

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Use the following formula.




The RIGHT formula extracts the value from the title. The VALUE formula converts the string into a number. The IF formula will display the value, only if an x is present. The ARRAYFORMULA takes on the complete range and the SUM formula performs the summation.


I've created an example for you: SUM where X


The requirement crops up often and a function has been provided specifically for such purposes, SUMPRODUCT:


Assumes that there are values only in A2:P2 (say any descriptions for them moved to the row above).

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