Instapaper currently does not support PDF files, says official support.

But is there a way to easily convert a PDF to a "public" HTML file so that it is readable on Instapaper?

Is there another way to access PDFs on Instapaper?

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  1. Convert PDF to HTML using IDR Solutions PDF Converter
  2. Click "View Online"
  3. Use the Instapaper bookmarklet to save the PDF to your Instapaper account

Warning: This works, but not perfectly as formatting can get a little screwy.

FWIW, I also tried downloading the raw HTML and pasting it into Glitch, but the PDF character count is like 20k, and the Glitch server timed out. Also, I'm not sure that Instapaper works on Glitch.me websites.

If you know of a better solution, please lemme know.


Another option would be to use Adobe's online PDF -> Word converter, and then paste the text into an email and send that to your private Instapaper email address.

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