I initiated a test donation to my IndieGoGo campaign, and noticed, that supporter see my full name (Premier account) or my company name (Bussiness account) on payment summary screen (and probably in the payment confirmation e-mail):

enter image description here

However, when I'm trying to donate some program, I don't see neither company name, nor owner name, just the program name:

enter image description here

Can I achieve the same for IndieGoGo? How can I run a campaign and let people pay without revealing my name (owner) or my company name on payment summary screen (above example) or in the payment confirmation e-mail?

I can't find proper settings / options in PayPal's configuration and repeated requests to PayPal Supports ends up with "autogenerated" answers (copy-paste from their FAQ), that doesn't bring me to the solution even a bit.


You can't hide company name on PayPal's receipt, when your PayPal account is set as Business. Customer sending money to such e-mail (and this is how it goes at Indiegogo) will always see:

  • company name,
  • customers support phone number,
  • company e-mail address (default one for particular account).

There is no way to change this.

To achieve situation presented on second screenshot, one must define its own Payment Buttons in Merchant Services section at PayPal and use only them. This method of paying however is not supported at Indiegogo, where money from supporters goes to PayPal account via e-mail.

So this is either way:

  • direct payment to your company's e-mail address, were key details are visible,
  • paying via click on special button on your own website, where users sees only product details.

Can't have both in the same time.

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