How can I set the picture for a contact on the web at Outlook.com? I have Windows 8 and and using the People app I can set a picture on the desktop but that doesn't show up on the web. On the web there doesn't seem to be an option to set a picture at all. Contacts imported from Facebook are showing a picture but there doesn't seem to be a way just for a Outlook contact.

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From a Microsoft representative:

"With the current design of Hotmail, the option you're referring to is not yet available. I will forward the suggestion over to our product team as consideration for a future release."

Unfortunately, that was over a year ago. It doesn't look like the feature is coming anytime soon.


Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has finally added this feature. You can know select a contact and click on the camera icon in the bubble next to their name:

camera icon contact bubble

This will open a dialog where you can upload a photo to use for the contact.

image dialog

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