I heavily use Twitter favorites for bits of information that I will likely need later. However, they are nearly useless before I have some way to organize my favorites -- with tags or something similar.

What tools exist that can help in organizing/tagging my Twitter favorites?

Find below a list of the researched items I was able to find thusfar:

Quora has a similar thread, but most answers there are outdated / unhelpful today:

  • Diigo: looks like it was down at the time of post, but is currently online. Has limit of 20 favorites per day in a free edition. Has Android app, which allows to tag items (among other things). Its founder admitted back in 2010 that Diigo is not convenient for this purpose (and it seems true today).
  • Pinboard.in: imports favorites, but unclear whether it allows to tag them. One-time $10.28 with no trial period, 3-days-moneyback guarantee--not sure it's worth the risk, with its only few dozens thousand of active users.

  • Speaking of IFTTT which is also the way to connect Evernote: I just wonder how Pinboard could be more reliable / long-living (and rich in extensions etc) compared to Evernote?
    – yurkennis
    Jan 5 '14 at 12:29

[moved from a series of comments into an answer]

Using an IFTTT recipe for sending the favorites to Pinboard:

enter image description here

you can automatically tag tweets that you favorite with a dynamic set of parameters:

enter image description here

You can then go into Pinboard and batch retag a group of tweets with whatever other information you want to include. Pinboard has a built-in subsection that saves your favorite tweets automatically anyway, if you link your Twitter account, but it does not seem to offer tagging of them.


As a quick-n-dirty solution, I set up Twitter-to-Evernote integration by Zapier: every time I favorite a tweet, Zapier creates a new item at Evernote, with a reminder for "today + 2 days". Then I'm supposed to regularly tag new items at Evernote.

Will see how it works; questions&comments welcome.


Favourites.io looks a promising solution, though its free version is limited to 3K likes (and 3 searches per month, 10 collections).

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