I want to know how people write in their status "continue reading" at the end, which is actually a link to their page?


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The "continue reading" is not placed there by the person. If the content of a post is too large, facebook will automatically minimize it, place the "continue reading" link at the end, and of course, link it to the whole posting. The link actually brings up the post not the page itself.


To Create a customized link in Facebook you have to take just three steps:

  1. You need to have a Facebook page id (the page you want to open)
  2. Your post text
  3. A shortcode as shown below

    @[Your Page Id:0] Your Post Text  @@[0:[Your Page Id:1:continue reading…]]

Find your pageId and replace the text "Your Page Id" in the shortcode above.

Note: This trick only works in the mobile version of Facebook.

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