I use AdBlocker as an extension for Google Chrome. It does a very good job on removing commercials, but doesn't remove the text advertisements in Gmail. Is there some way to also remove the text ads in Gmail?

Edit: Actually the problem was Web Clips and not ads. I installed Better Gmail and it tooled me about Settings -> Web Clips which I could turn off.

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The Better GMail extension has an option to do this.

  • Better Gmail is long gone.
    – ale
    Commented May 3, 2017 at 16:23

There is a Greasemonkey userscript which removes the adverts (I've just tested it) but it causes some style errors with some links moving slightly.

As Greasemonkey is now built into Chrome you will be able to install it by simply hitting "Install" on the userscript page and it will install as a regular extension.

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