I have searched through the options and settings (and searched for "Facebook email" questions on this website) to no avail.

What I want is very simple: I do not want Facebook to ever send me any notification email again. I'm getting friend request emails, friend confirmation emails, group post notification emails, private message emails...

I think there's a way to block just the group emails from each individual Facebook group, but that doesn't solve my overall problem. I'm being flooded with Facebook update emails, and I just don't want them.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a universal "unsubscribe" setting?

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On https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=notifications&section=through_email&view: select "Only notifications about your account, security and privacy".

  • I selected "Only notifications about your account, security and privacy" and I still get an email for every and any activity of everybody on facebook - and no, nothing was hacked!
    – user66136
    Apr 15, 2014 at 23:27

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