I'd be okay if they were added to a playlist as well.


It's different for different types of links.

Adding ?sort=p to the end of the link for a user's videos to sort by views:


To sort by most recent, use sort=dd, or the reverse sort=da.

For sorting results of a search, use ?search_sort=video_view_count:


or by rating: search_sort=video_avg_rating
or by upload date: search_sort=video_date_uploaded

To limit search results to videos, add filters=video:


You can also limit search results by
channels: filter=channel
playlists: filter=playlist

Having said all that, it appears the features seem to come and go.

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Add this to the end of a YouTube video link on the channel:

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  • Doesn't work. going to youtube.com/… doesn't show ordered list by most popular, and clicking on Next, it doesn't jump to the next popular one (1. 44k views, 2. 17 views). – kenorb Sep 24 '14 at 13:48

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