Is it possible to "tag" a Google doc revision? Similar to tagging a revision in a source control system.

I'd like to continue working on a document, however I'd like to log which revision of the document I have sent to a client in the past. I'd prefer not to have to save lots of different versions.

So there is a clear distinction between the last revision they had seen and what has changed recently.

I've had a search around and can assume it's not a feature, but I wonder if anyone has written a script to do something similar.

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Google just added a "named versions" feature to Google Docs. Google Docs always kept copies of previous versions but now you have the ability to name them.

[...] open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation. At the top, click "File" and then "Version history" and then "See version history". In the right panel, click a timestamp to see an earlier version of a file. You can see the people who edited the file, and the changes they made in the color next to their name. Optional: To name a version, click "More actions" and then "Name this version". To see edits in more detail, go to the right panel, choose a version, and click the Arrow Right arrow.

Source: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/190843

Screenshot of Google Docs version history named versions


There is currently no way to tag or add notes to an item in the revision history.

The most common workaround is to Make A Copy of key versions, and name/organize them appropriately.

While the "revision history" feature has some similar functionality to that of a source control system, it really isn't one. Personally, I would save the file out into a local folder which is set up as a repo and use an actual source control system for this.

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An older question, so you might have an answer now.. however there is an addin I am using:


it does a bit more.. approvals and such, however it does allow tagging a version..

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    As I understand the tags are applied to files, not to a specific version in the revision history. Jun 5, 2015 at 14:33

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