Is there any way to edit an .odt file directly in Google Docs which was created with LibreOffice Writer and uploaded to Google Drive whilst preserving the ODT format and not converting it to Google Docs format to avoid losing formatting?

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It's now supported! I've just successfully opened an .odt document and edited it with Google Docs.

When you first open the file, you get a preview:

enter image description here

Now just click Open and it will open it in Google Docs.


The online editor only supports Google Docs (.gdoc) format.

You can import from .odt by:
1. enabling "Upload Settings" > "Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format"
2. Right clicking an uploaded .odt and "Open with" Google Docs, a copy of .gdoc will be created

You can also "Download as odt".
Indeed the formatting are not 100% compatible and that causes issues.
Or maybe someone could develope an live editor for .odt as Drive connected app these days.


Sorry no, Google stopped supporting .odt around 2005.

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