What's the difference between adding a song as a seed to a station vs. giving it a thumbs up?

Does it affect which songs will be played differently, or do they behave exactly the same?

I noticed that when I start a radio station with any given song, the song is usually not going to be played on the station. However, when I up-vote a song, it will be played more often. Is this really how Pandora works, or am I just not observing it correctly?


thumb : This action narrows the scope of the station; thumbing down a song prevents that song from being played again and thumbing up will make sure that that song is played more and that the scope of the station is limited to songs that are more like it

seeds : This action broadens the scope of the station; adding a song or artist to a station adds variety based on that song

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When you tell pandora you like a song by taking the time to choose it out of every song in the universe, pandora assumes that you are expecting more of it than to just play that one song back to you. Pandora expects have listened to this song enough times to know that you like it, and that you want to use its massive power to be more than just a first generation ipod.

Voting-up essentially means "play me this and things similar to it more often". Entering an artist or song to add variety means "I like THIS a lot, but I'm smart enough to be able to click play in itunes or youtube and listen to it, so give me stuff similar that I haven't heard yet." :D

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