Similar to my previous question. I started a short paid ad campaign for my page. Once I opened a New Page Insights, I saw the Engagement box, which says:

enter image description here

What are “Post Clicks”? All posts on my page are not clickable. I thought that a Facebook user can't click on a post itself. He or she can only click on Share, Like or Comment.

How can I have 14 post clicks, if my page has zero likes, zero comments and zero shares? From where did that 49 came from? What am I missing?

BTW: I asked the same question on Facebook Community.

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Post clicks are "the total number of clicks on your post, not including likes, comments, or shares. "

See more: Social Media Examiner: Facebook insights

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    That would mean, that if I post a photo and someone clicks on it, to see the larger version, that counts like one post click, right?
    – 2222faces
    Jan 16, 2014 at 8:35

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