I'm trying to create a sheet with data compiled via application forms which are filled out by many people. I want to be able to edit that information and share portions of it with the people who fill out the application forms - but have each person see only their information

For example, in the list below, I'd like to 'share' with Dana only her line from within my sheet and not allow her see the other data. Is this possible?

SAMPLE: enter image description here

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Right now, it is not possible. There are many forum threads pertaining to the same question but none seem to give a solution to the problem. I imagine that there is a way to have a script display the info to Dana using 3280 (or anything unique to her data) as an id/password for instance.
Otherwise, giving access to Dana is equivalent to giving Dana access view to all other rows as well.

  • True, right now the only option is to create separate file for each user and import data they need to see from master file and import their input into it.
    – Oleg_S
    Mar 11, 2020 at 7:06

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