This comes up from time to time when I want to search for a line of code, and it's perhaps something common to many languages or is a word/phrase outside of programming. The special characters and formatting are what makes my query unique. However, Google ignores almost all special characters. I have put my string in quotes and also used verbatim mode. No dice. If I search "/echo/html/" (including the quotation marks), even in verbatim mode, Google finds results such as "You need to echo HTML" which do not include my forward slashes. I've read this Help article from Google but it doesn't address my situation. The same problem exists for <>, (), and many other common programming special characters. If I want to read about <head> or print(), I need to include words like "HTML" or "Python" and even then I might get hits that aren't about the specific query I want. . seems to be included, so searching for .Net is not a problem.

Is there a solution I'm missing? Am I just not able to use the search how I would like?


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Try out SymbolHound, it's a search engine that allows you to search with special chars. This allowed me to search for very specific functions/errors rather than the special chars being replaced with spaces and bringing up irrelevant stuff.