A | B
1 | a
2 | b
3 | c

and I'd like to have a third column that merges the data like this:

A |  B  |
1 | 1, a
2 | 2, b
3 | 3, c

currently I can kind of do this one row at a time in a column C with this formula:

= A:A1&", "&B:B1

How can it be done to the entire column B?


You can do it for first row and then drag the formula to next rows in the column.

enter image description here

Just go to the corner of the cell where you have already applied, the arrow will become a cross hair. Drag it to next rows.

The formula will be automatically updated till the final cell where you drag and values will be calculated.

enter image description here


Perhaps you are requesting an array formula:

=arrayformula(A1:A&", "&B1:B)

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