I have a CSV file with a cells filled with text formatted like this.

   This is some sample text</p>
<br />
   This is some sample text<br />
<br />

I need this to be converted to HTML tags. How do I do it ?

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There are two ways, if you simply copy paste the whole text into a new notepad file and save it as sample.html and open this html file in a browser, you will see that it is already a html file.

Instead if you want to convert the < to < etc, Open the csv file in either excel of notepad and use replace function. Do following replacements.

Replace &lt; with a < Replace &gt; with a >

and save the csv file as a html file just by clicking save as in notepad and give a name as newsample.html or something. Now you can open in a browser like any other html file.

  • allrighty ! thats it. problem solved. Thanks Buddha :-) – vibez_well Jan 30 '14 at 17:47

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