I have a blogger profile (seen in www.planetzella.blogspot.com - Zella). I am NOT using Google+ (and I don't want to start using it either) and do not have a Google+ profile, just a Gmail account which obviously has the same log-in information as my blog.

If I try to start following new blogs by joining the site, my profile in others' blogs appears without a photograph and with no name - previously Blogger connected this to my Blogger profile correctly. If I click on my "profile" which appears on the blog/site I've started to follow, it shows no user name, just the blogs that I follow. However, if I post a comment on the blog, my comments DO come up connected to my Blogger profile (Zella).

Is the problem my lack of Google+ i.e. when someone's blog has the option to "join this site", does that refer to Google+?

And since I do not have a Google+ profile, my Gmail user name comes up without connection to my own blog?


Are you follow the blogs privately? When you follow a blog privately your profile image and link to your profile will not show up in the widget.

  • No, I always follow blogs publicly. – Zella Feb 4 '14 at 8:55

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