Gmail keeps hanging on me sending an email to kindle-feedback@amazon.com.

Does Gmail not like dashes in the "To:" field?

EDIT: In this case I finally got it to send when I opened the email to a large window, but I'd still like to know what's up. There's mention of punctuation causing problems in Gmail help, but no solutions (or even acknowledgement).

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    I am having the exact same problem right now! Google is refusing to accept/send an email that has dashes. It has happened before and I do think it is specific to gmail. – user9372 Mar 12 '11 at 22:26

Dashes are valid in e-mail addresses.

It is very, very unlikely that it's the cause of your problems.


I regularly post to mailing lists that have dashes in the name and have never had a problem. I've used both IE8 and Firefox.


Can it be cache issue? Try to clear your browser's cache and see whether you still have the same problem.


This would not be an issue for sending email from a Gmail account but if you're trying to send email to a Gmail account, including dashes in the email address will make it invalid.

For instance, if my email address is bob@gmail.com, attempting to send an email b-ob@gmail.com will result in an Address not found response.

Note: Such is not the case with other characters like ., which can be included anywhere (e.g. b.o.b@gmail.com) or + which can be included at the end (e.g. bob+hello@gmail.com).

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