We use Google Forms to manage a large school event in which each activity requires sign-up using a separate form. We have a maximum number of students per activity. How do we “close” the sign up once the maximum has been reached? Is there a way to then automatically submit data to a wait list?


With this little script, you can easily pre-set the number of responses.


function closeForm() {
  // get active form
  var form = FormApp.getActiveForm();

  // retrieve number of responses thusfar
  var responses = form.getResponses().length;

  // set close message
  var msg = "Maximum number of respondents has been reached";

  // set max 
  var maxResponse = 3;

  // do the math
  if(responses >= maxResponse) {


In this particular case the number of responses is limited to three. Add the script, in the form editor under Tools>Script editor (same as in a Google Spreadsheet). Now the script needs to be activated, each time a submission is being made. In the script editor, under Resources, select the script to run On form submit.

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Yes there is! Look at these instructions from Lise Galuga. I have modified the code and written about it in this blogpost, but that's in Dutch;-)

  • They still have the Yeas and the Nays in the senate, but Dutch isn't really a global language anymore. Feb 27 '14 at 21:29

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