Using Spotify, I listen to a large selection of music and a large selection of playlists [The same happens with my iTunes but that just filled my HD so I use Spotify].

I just want a way to have a temporary playlist such that if I see something I like I can say ,"Hey I like that !" let me add that to a temporary playlist so I can play it later. Right now I just copy the links to my clipboard and hold it there. But that disappears soon if I am working on other stuff and accidently close that window.

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The closest you can do right now is to star/favorite your music. You click on the star icon next to the track and it'll go into your starred tracks (it is under Library/Starred).

You might want to suggest this as a feature in Spotify's suggestion box.

  • Yea this is the closest way other than my drop to clipboard. The problem here though is that it mixed with my actual all time favorites. When I say "I like that" it is sort of the the moment liking , for example I see something and I might not even play the whole track maybe two seconds or none at all, I just want to keep track of it for the future. Not necessarily the all time favorite. I guess I can dump my favorites and use it as a temp instead.
    – phwd
    Commented Jul 1, 2010 at 12:36

You can:

  1. create a regular playlist,
  2. name it TO-LISTEN-LATER or something similar
  3. send or drag'n'drop track to this playlist.

Later you'll listen to these tracks and decide what to do with them (remove, move to other playlist, etc).

I know it's obvious, so I'm guessing you don't like something about this idea. Let me know what it is.

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