Is this video a one time link? I realize it's still very new and we're all still working out the kinks and such but I was able to view and share it once, then I deleted it. Now when I go back to the link, it just thanks me and the video is no longer there. So is there no chance of viewing this again or what??

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If you delete a post that was featured in the lookback, whether it be a status update or photo you didn't want to see In the video In hopes that maybe it will be replaced for another post you'd like better.. then it will no longer work.

My friend has had a Facebook for 7 years, as long as me, yet he wasn't able to view his video because he's literally posted like 3 status updates. So it's my guess that because the video is computer generated to begin with.. it won't work if you tamper with it or don't have enough to go into it. Bummer :/

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