My iPod was stolen. I changed my Facebook password and it still says 2 devices are connected. How can I remotely logout of Facebook on the lost iPod?

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  • It could be that you are logged in another session other than the one on the iPod. Check Punchlinern's answer.
    – Julio
    Feb 25, 2014 at 12:22

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I assume you want to end the Facebook session (log out) on the iPod? To do that, follow these steps:

Enter settings
FB Settings

Go to the Security tab and click the Where You're Logged In section
Security tab

Here you'll find all logged in sessions. You can choose to End activity on all those associated with the iPod. In the below picture you see those associated with my Android device as an example. Look for iPod or iOS instead.
enter image description here

It can also be a good idea to remove it from the trusted browsers, still in the Security tab in settings: enter image description here

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Simply go to security tab in Facebook settings. There is an option to remove devices

enter image description here


Try to login to your account with a wrong password or click on forgot your password option from any other device. Facebook will ask for your phone or email id to send you the code or password reset link. click that link and then facebook will ask for your new password and an option at the bottom to log you out of other devices. check that option and enter a new password. you will be logged out of all the other devices.


In addition to removing the device from your Facebook account as @Punchlinern suggested, I would recommend erasing your device from Apple's web site. That would take care of other files, accounts, etc.

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