I have two Gmails. One is for school, and is part of the organization. The other is personal. I've already set up forwarding from school to personal and set it so that I can send email from my school account while logged in to my personal account. The school one automatically has the school emails of every student and teacher loaded on, which makes it a real pain when I try to send from my school email within my personal email. How can I export contacts from my school email and import them to my personal email?


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As Franck pointed out Google has documentation on how to export here and how to import here. These are the steps:

Open the Gmail account from which you want to export contacts and go to the contacts section
Go to contacts

Open the More menu and click Export...
Open export menu

In the Export dialog that should appear, make sure All contacts and Google CSV format are selected (if you want to import all your contacts into your other account). Press export and save the file somewhere where you can easily find it.
How to export

Then log in to the account where you want to import the contacts.

Again, go to the Contacts section and open the More menu. This time, choose Import... Go to import

In the dialog box that appears, open the file you exported and press import. How to import

The imported contacts will be added to a group called Imported [Today's date] Imported group

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