Is there any way we can know who viewed our profile recently on Facebook?

I remember Friendster had (has?) this function, but I'm not sure whether Facebook does.



Taken from Facebook's FAQ:

Facebook does not provide applications or groups with the technical means to allow people to track profile views or see statistics on how often a particular piece of content has been viewed and by whom. If an application claims to provide this functionality, please report the application by going to the application’s About page and clicking "Report Application" at the bottom of the page, or by clicking "Report" at the bottom of any canvas page within the application.

Applications you use may ask for permission to access content from your News Feed and Wall. Granting this permission does not allow applications to see who has viewed your profile. It simply allows applications to see which friends have interacted with posts, such as which friends liked or engaged with a particular wall post.



It is not possible as facebook does not keep the track of the users that have visited your profile. This is because of the freedom of the user.

  • Not true.. where is your source to that? – Lipis Jun 15 '12 at 14:22

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