When I look at a friend's About page on Facebook, under "email" I almost always see a link that says "Ask for 's email". Likewise for a lot of other fields on that page.

How do I set it up so that it works like that for my email address as well? When editing that information, I can see options to show it to all my friends or none of my friends and things like that, but I can't see an option to turn on this "ask for" feature.

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This message will show up only for Friends who are able to view more than your Public information (therefore Restricted friends are excluded) but not the contact information in question. Reasons they might not be able to view that information are as follows:

  • The friend in question is not part of a sufficiently-privileged group (eg. they are an Acquaintance when you set your visibility to Friends except Acquaintances)
  • You set the Hidden from Timeline flag on that information

It is worth noting that even if you set both the visibility to Public and the Hidden from Timeline flag, then Restricted friends will still not see the message.

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