I have two Gmail accounts: my normal Gmail account ([email protected]), and an account for my school that is hosted through Gmail ([email protected]).

I get lots of emails on both accounts, and some people send me emails in multiple contexts (friends that I work with). I have all emails from [email protected] automatically forward to [email protected], so that I have a single point of searching and archiving and don't always have to swap back and forth between accounts to do some basic things. In [email protected], I try to filter all of these forwarded emails in my School label and then archive them from my inbox.

This runs into a problem when the email that goes to [email protected] does not include my direct email, like for mailing lists or some forms of bcc. Gmail forwards the email with the original from ([email protected]) and to ([email protected] or [email protected]), and so it ends up unread in my [email protected] inbox.

How can I change either the to: address on the forwards to [email protected] OR the from: address to [email protected], so that I can set up a filter that works in all situations?

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I believe you want the deliveredto: search operator.

Gmail advanced search


Search for messages within a particular email address in the Delivered-To line of the message header Example: deliveredto:[email protected]

Meaning: Any message with [email protected] in the Delivered-To: field of the message header (which can help you find messages forwarded from another account or ones sent to an alias).

You should be able to replace your to:[email protected] filter with has the words: deliveredto:[email protected]. That should catch mailing lists and such.

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