I have a Google Spreadsheets with several sheets. I have it set up to where orders auto populate three of these sheets when entered into the Order info page.

I need to set up a function where only order numbers with a certain suffix (e.g. WVCHA1234-TWC) also auto populate another sheet within the same spreadsheet. I don't need all orders in this sheet, just ones ending in TWC.

Is there a formula I can use for this?

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    What does this have to do with conditional formatting? – Punchlinern Mar 3 '14 at 21:34

Use the FILTER command.

If the order numbers are in sheet 3 column C, and you want the specific orders in sheet 4, use the formula

=FILTER(Sheet3!C:C, RIGHT(Sheet3!C:C, 3) = "TWC")

To list vertically all the order numbers ending in "TWC". If you want not just the order number, but the entire row from Sheet 3, use

=FILTER(Sheet3!A:Z, RIGHT(Sheet3!C:C, 3) = "TWC")

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