I am consolidating several Gmail accounts (leaf accounts) in on central account (e.g., central@gmail.com).

When faced with the choice between :

  • Forwarding from each leaf account to the central account
  • Checking mail for all leaf accounts from the central account

I took the first option, because it seems instantaneous (while checking happens roughly every our).

I am trying to forward to a different Gmail alias for each leaf account.

Example: the first leaf account (leaf1@gmail.com) would forward to central+leaf1@gmail.com.

I then use this forwarded to address as a criterion to create a filter for all mails forwarded from leaf1@gmail.com.

The problem

I did a few tests, and it appears that the Delivered-To: field in the forwarded e-mail sometimes refers to the aliased address (central+leaf1@gmail.com), sometimes it does not (central@gmail.com).

Several tests were made, with different From: addresses, and with empty and non-empty mails, and I was not able to find the rule behind that. I am wondering if it is an inconsistency in Gmail's forwarding, or some deterministic rule?

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Try using deliveredto instead of from

For example you can use


to find emails forwarded from leaf1@gmail.com (as you pointed in your question, you used aliases as forwarding address, so you can make use of them)

  • There was a typo in my question : I was actually trying to filter on this "Delivered-To:" field; yet it appears to be inconsistent.
    – Ad N
    Mar 10, 2014 at 10:58
  • Did you use it exactly as "delivered-to"? Because you should use it without the dash character (as the example above)
    – Nima
    Mar 10, 2014 at 11:03

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