I want to sum the begin and end with the QUERY function, to be able to subtract them, see table:

day       |   begin   |    end     |
monday    |  9:00:00  |  13:00:00  |
tuesday   |  9:00:00  |  14:00:00  |
wednesday |  9:00:00  |  12:00:00  |

I was only able to perform a summation, by setting the format of the time notation to NUMBER.

How can I sum a time notation (duration) in the new Google Spreadsheet with the QUERY function?


Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there is no straightforward way of calculating time differences inside a Sheets QUERY clause. The best that I can think of is to convert the time to a serial value (using the hour and minute scalar functions), perform the difference calculation, and format the resulting column as time:

=QUERY(A:C,"select A, hour(C)/24+minute(C)/1440-hour(B)/24-minute(B)/1440 label hour(C)/24+minute(C)/1440-hour(B)/24-minute(B)/1440 'Difference'",1)

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