I tried to translate the English noun hint to French and I was surprised to get three different translations, depending on if I inputted hint, Hint or HINT (resp. soupçon, Astuce and CONSEIL).

My question is not about the translation but about why Google Translate seems to use case sensitive translations? In which case should it be useful?

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Case sensitive translations can be useful when translating from English, and the word case can indicate a different word, just spelled the same. Consider these examples:

polish - a process to make something shiny

Polish - someone from Poland

french - a way of slicing vegetables

French - nationality of someone from France

Add in acronyms, which are usually all caps, and that meaning can also change:

wow - exclamation of something cool

WOW - World of Warcraft

This may not be the reason Google is considering case. But it is an answer for why it might be useful.

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