Some while back, Google changed all the user's email addresses to something like nickname@gmail.com (before that, for some users, it was nickname@googlemail.com). I can still receive messages to the @googlemail address, but cannot send ones.

This usually would not be a problem but I am kind of stuck on a mailing list and cannot unsubscribe, because the bot that manages the list does not recognize my @gmail address. Of course, I could contact the admin and let him remove me manually, but I would rather find out how to do it without bothering him.


Go into Settings > Accounts and click on Add another email address you own.

Settings > Accounts

Enter the googlemail.com email address. (If your Gmail address is nickname@gmail.com, enter nickname@googlemail.com). Hit Next Step ».

Add another email address you own step 1

You will be alerted that a verification message needs to be sent. Confirm that the email address is correct, then hit Send Verification.

Add another email address you own step 2

An email message with a verification code will immediately wend its way to you. You can either copy-paste the verification code into this window or click the link in the email message. Be careful! When I tested this my verification message ended up in my Spam label.

Add another email address you own - verification

After you verify the address, you should now be able to use nickname@googlemail.com as the "From:" address of your email. If you prefer, you can also make it the default address (on Settings > Accounts).


As long as you can receive mail, you can go to Settings -> Accounts -> Send mail as and add your other email address. Gmail will send a verification email to that address to make sure you own it.

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