We've got a large shared spreadsheet which is a chart showing user permissions. It's writable by several people. Although Google Drive allows you to roll back the changes simply its interface isn't really that great for at a checking changes.

Is there a way you can automatically create a sheet called 'changes' or 'change log', etc., and have all changes listed in there? There is something like this using Excel macros.

Is it possible in Google Spreadsheets either natively / with an app or with a custom script?

I know I could also export as a CSV and compare versions with Git but that's a long-winded approach.


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Short answer

Yes, it's possible. To do that you will require to use the Edit or Change Google Sheets events of Google Apps Scripts.

Extended answer

You can find a code example in the answer from Jacob Jan Tuinstra to Updating logging sheet from another sheet doesn't work after inserting code offset


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