I am using a custom component with Talend Open Studio that allows me to connect to Google Analytics

Part of the setup requires specifying the location of a .p12 key file

I have created a Project in the Google Developers Console, but so far not able to find any mention of downloading a key file

Where can I find/create this?

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With the new Google Cloud Console the procedure to obtain the P12 key has changed:

  • Open the project, go to APIs & auth > Credentials
  • Click on Create new Client ID, and select Service account and P12 key. Then click on Create Client ID to download it.

Update: 08. September 2015

  • Go to Google Cloud Console
  • on the left press APIs & auth
  • press Credentials
  • click the blue button Create credentials
  • choose Service account
  • choose P12

Inside Google Cloud Console:

  • Open the project, go to APIs & auth > Registered apps on the left.
  • Click on Register App, enter name and choose platform (for e.g. Web Application).
  • On the next page, open Certificate and click on Generate Certificate and download the .p12 private key.

Don't forget to note the email address and password that appear when downloading the key.

To access google analytics with this key, you also need to give permission to the above email address in your analytics account.

  • In Google Analytics, open the site's reporting section and click on Admin link on top-right.
  • Under User Management, add Read & Analyze permissions for the email address you noted previously.

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