My product's Twitter followers come from various countries.
Some want to read tweets in Japanese, others prefer English, etc.

I usually post a tweet in Japanese immediately followed by its translation in English. Not optimal.

I could split into several Twitter accounts, but that would mean more overhead work. That would also mean less followers (which for many people is a mean of measuring popularity, like it or not). A global account is definitely better.

QUESTION: Can I localize a tweet?
The same tweet, with both Japanese version and English version.

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No, you can't.

Your best solution is to have accounts for each language, and to use a Twitter client which supports multiple accounts. You say that this means less followers but honestly, it's better to have some followers that actually read and like the content you post than having a lot of them that don't even look at your tweets since your constantly spam them with tweets in languages they can't understand.

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