Within Google app's I am unable to grant my users access to the Google Hangouts Chrome plugin. I have checked my global domain settings as well as my settings for a user. But still users are unable to sign into Google Hangouts and receive this error message:

"This Hangouts feature has not been enabled for your account. "

See screenshot enter image description here


The new Hangouts feature needs to be enabled by logging into the Admin console and going to

Google Apps -> Talk/Hangouts -> Advanced Settings

and select 'Enable the new Hangouts for users in this organizational unit'

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    Note: "Advanced Settings" appears as "Sharing Settings" and it may take some time (upwards of 15 minutes) to apply and you might have to re-log several times. – Keavon Sep 21 '14 at 21:11

To enable it click Apps -> Talk in the admin console there is a setting for enabling the new Hangouts.

Otherwise enable it in Apps Account. It's under Settings > Services > Talk > Org Settings.

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  • I don't see these settings. are you sure this is still how it is? – Lightly Salted Mar 25 '14 at 23:59

Click on talk/hangouts anyway even if it shows that it is turned on. Now click on Sharing Settings and you will see one more checkbox where you have to turn it on.

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