Indiegogo offers 2 pricing models:

  1. Fixed funding:
    • 4% commission if you reach your goal;
    • 0% if you don't because all fund are return to donor.
  2. Flexible funding:
    • 4% commission if you reach your goal;
    • 9% if you don't reach the goal, but you keep any donations.

My question is this: if a campaign gets donations way above the goal, is the commission always 4%? Why not set your campaign goal lower to reduce risk, and guarantee getting the lower commission rate?


Indiegogo have changed their policy.

It's free to create a campaign! Here's all the information you need about Indiegogo's fees and pricing.

  • Indiegogo's platform fee on all funds raised is 5%. It is free to sign up and create a campaign and fees are deducted from the funds you actually raise (not the goal you set).
  • In addition, Stripe (credit card processor) charges a processing fee of 3% + 0.30 per transaction. There may also be an additional wire transfer fee, depending on your currency and bank account location.
  • There are no fees applied to Fixed Funding campaigns that don't meet their goal - all backers are refunded within 5 business days from the campaign's end date.
  • No fees are applied to contributions refunded through Indiegogo. The full amount is refunded to the backer.
  • Please note that your bank may charge additional fees such as currency conversion, wire fees, etc. Indiegogo always recommends you contact your bank before entering your bank account information on your campaign.

Raising Funds in USD with a US Bank Account

enter image description here

Raising Funds in USD without a US Bank Account


Raising Funds in GBP


Raising Funds in CAD


Raising Funds in EUR


Raising Funds in AUD


Raising funds through an InDemand project

Platform fees in InDemand are 5% if you ran your campaign on Indiegogo, 8% if you ran your campaign on another platform, and higher than 8% if you ran on another platform and receive additional support from our team (plus applicable Third Party Payment Processing Fees.) Contact us for more information.

See this page for further information

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