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When I prepare scientific presentation I frequently use Google image search engine to find suitable pictures to insert them on Impress slides (Libre office). I usually manipulate with them later in Inkscape to obtain best look.

I have no problem to find simple pictures (requiring 2 keywords), but when trying to found something more specific (3 keywords and more) the search engine gives often useless results (completely wrong images).


keywords: robot; running (good results)

keywords: robot; running; against wind; step-by-step image;
          each step more damage taken
          (nothing found - I know that such picture may not exist.)

Does anybody know about some better way how to find desirable pictures on web? For example does exists some web library of images which have multiple tags (like questions on stack exchange)?

Is there any better method to search for image than use Google (or other search engine) and keywords?

I am afraid that this question is only partially on topic here. If you feel that it do not belong here feel free to delete.

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I rather like www.search.creativecommons.org, because it

1) Gives me results that I can use (without or without alternation) on sites where I run advertising, and

2) Lets me type in a set of keywords once, and then apply them across my choice of image or media source (for the options they have available).

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