I created some filters to label my e-mails in Gmail, but all of these multiple label mails have the "inbox" label too!

How can I remove the inbox label on labeled emails? (With this configuration labeled e-mail will not show in inbox.)


Edit your filter and check the "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)" option in addition to your "Apply the label" action.

filter actions

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    The Archive it made me sceptical first but this does exactly the expected. On other E-Mail plattforms this usually means the mail is completely removed from the folders and somewhere stored in an dedicated archive ... – derHugo Mar 20 '19 at 11:56

[@Ale's working solution][1] works for all new emails. Following up within the question "How can I remove the inbox label on labeled emails?" there is a further explanation as anyone follow this question may have a lot of preexisting emails with 'inbox label':

How to remove the inbox label retrospectively

  1. Create Labels
  2. Search for emails in inbox by email address or topic
  3. Select them all to go under a new label
  4. Right click on selected emails and 'Move to' label Selected Gmail Mail By Search Gmail Move to - Label
  5. Now the inbox label will be removed from the retrospective emails and they will be found only under the selected label folder.
  6. Follow @Ale's working solution to create rules for new incoming emails.

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