I too have a problem with Google Drive storage in that all my photos have been automatically uploaded to Google Drive at full size taking up almost 100% of my 15GB storage quota.

It is possible to remedy this by:

  1. Deleting all the photo files from Google Drive;
  2. Then adjust the computer settings so that photo files are in future uploaded at standard size only;
  3. Then re-upload all photo folders/files manually which on this second time round will be uploaded at standard size.

I would appreciate any advice from others more technically proficient than I am.


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Since googledrive is accessible as a virtual drive, you should be able to use imagemagick to modify the size or compression of the images in place.

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    Here is more information on how to resize with Imagemagick.
    – DDay
    May 12, 2015 at 16:16

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