I need help with a Google Spreadsheet populated by a Google form. I cannot get the following formula to work correctly with my form submissions:

=(ARRAYFORMULA(if(row(H:H)=1,"Language",(INDEX('INDEX List'!E1:E, MATCH(E2,'INDEX List'!C1:C, 0)))))). 

Also, I would like to change the date/time form output from a 24hr clock to a 12hr clock, and cannot find anyway to do this without manually changing the number format after each form submission.

Here is the link to the example form/spreadsheet with what I'm trying to do:


Regarding the 12 hour clock, I suggest (i) you may be able to set this in the form and otherwise (ii) select the date/times concerned and Format, Number, More Formats, Custom number format... and:

M/d/yyyy H:mm:ss AM/PM
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