By accident, I have uploaded a file on the public file sharing service dl.free.fr through Cairo-Dock's DND2Share applet (drag and drop to share) and I would like to remove it.

It seems dl.free.fr's web and FTP interfaces would normally provide a link to delete the file, but DND2Share only gives me the link for downloading it. I have only found this looking for some kind of log on my computer (GNU/Linux):

[user@host ~]$ cat ~/.config/cairo-dock/dnd2share/history.conf 
local path=/home/user/Documents/myFile.zip

The service should automatically delete the file after 30 days without downloads, but I'd prefer it to be sooner. How can I find the link to delete the file and/or delete it directly?

  • Were you able to remove the file? I made the same mistake as well with confidential information. – Val Jul 22 '14 at 14:01

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