I know that, from a security perspective, using the same password for more than one website is a bad idea. However, I have a situation where I need to do that (the SE sites I have accounts on).

On *.stackexchange.com, I can use the same password entry across subdomains. However, for the older SE sites that have separate domains (SO, SU, SF, AU), I need to keep and update separate password entries in LastPass, which is annoying. Is there a way to group these sites, so that changing my password for stackexchange.com will automatically change it for SO, SU, etc.?

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  • Open your LastPass Vault
  • Go to Account Settings → Equivalent Domains.
  • Add a comma-separated entry for all the domains you want to be considered the same.

Make sure the Domains you use are considered equivalent. For example:

stackexchange.com, stackoverflow.com, superuser.com, mathoverflow.net, serverfault.com, stackapps.com, askubuntu.com

Apply the changes in the Settings, (requires Lastpass Master Password verification)


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