We created a group Tumblr page and tagged all the posts so we could search by topic. I can't seem to figure out how to do this just for our page. The tags are fairly common and pull up all kinds of posts from other blogs.


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Every tag has two URLs that only show the posts on a specific Tumblr.

Let’s say the Tumblr is called example and the tag is foo:

  • http://example.tumblr.com/tagged/foo (newest first)
  • http://example.tumblr.com/tagged/foo/chrono (oldest first)

You could also search for the occurence of a string (which includes tags):

  • http://example.tumblr.com/search/foo

I'm sure this is probably common knowledge but just to update this:

If you're viewing your blog (called 'example') in dashboard mode (i.e., the address bar says "tumblr.com/blog/example") then when you click on a tag for the post (for example, the tag 'foo') it will pull up all of Tumblr's posts. The tag links in dashboard mode go to tumblr.com/tagged/foo.

By going to your actual blog page---"example.tumblr.com"---the tags clicked will pull up results within your blog, going directly to the URL "example.tumblr.com/tagged/foo".

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