I want to have a search feature at the top of my spreadsheet that will actually take me to a row, on the same sheet, based on searching a column for the matching information. So, I want any user to be able to enter a work order number in a cell and have it search column D (D3:D) for a specific work order # and actually go to the row that contains the work order #. I don't want it to return a value, I want to go to the row.

Is this possible?


For the time being at least I think Find is the nearest possible: Select ColumnD, Ctrl+H, enter the order #, I guess check Match entire cell contents, and click Find.

There is a thread here lamenting the lack of ability to hyperlink to a specific cell and as recently as October 7 "Stillll not implemented..."

There is an answer to Link to a cell in a Google Spreadsheet via URL? but this does not lead to the edit view (and starts from the premise that the required row is already known).

Link to specific sheet in Google spreadsheet includes code that might serve as a starting point for a Google Apps script solution.

  • Thank you - a bit cumbersome for multiple users but we'll make it work. Thanks
    – Bonnie
    Apr 21 '14 at 14:25

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