This is our setup:

  • Our primary domain is for example abc.com.
  • We added def.com as a domain alias.
  • One of our users is support@abc.com. It now has a support@def.com email alias.
  • We would like to add help@def.com as an email alias for support@abc.com. but in the administration console it is only possible to add an @abc.com alias.

We would just like to be able to forward emails to help@def.com to support@abc.com.

Is what we want to do possible?


Yes, this is possible. Simply add "help@abc.com" as an alias for "support@abc.com". Since you already have the "def.com" domain-alias in place, the new "help@abc.com" alias will be mirrored by a "help@def.com" alias as well.

You can publicize the "help@def.com" address, and emails sent there will arrive at "support@abc.com".

However, your question did not state whether or not you want to keep the "support@abc.com" secret from the general public. If there will never be a need to send back replies, then the above setup -- as specified -- will be enough. On the other hand, if you want replies to be sent from "help@def.com" (and not from "support@abc.com") then you will need to also specify this in the "Send mail as" section of your GMail account settings.


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